Fundamental Fusion

Hello there!

My name is Mr. Frommelt and I am the current STEAM Educator for the Dodgeville School District in Dodgeville, WI. From a young age, it was reinforced within me that if you wanted to do something, you should do so full force. So whether it was building scale models of spacecraft to making macaroons, I always saught to not just learn something, but to create a deep depth of knowledge. This drive and passion steered me to doing research with NASA as a Senior in High School, Earning the Eagle Scout Award, and working with the Google Student Ambassador Team in my Freshman Year of College. To quote Albert Einstein, 

"Imagination is greater than Knowledge"

Why Fundamental Fusion?

It is my firm belief that everyone has skills that are beneficial when it comes to science education. By mixing the individual skills of my students with the basis and knowledge of science, my students will be able to not only draw inspiration and knowledge from their own experiences but be able to fuse those experiences into the fundamentals of science. Hence, Fundamental Fusion!

STEAM Courses at Dodgeville High School

My Favorite Classroom Applications and Tools


This is the EMS and SEL system I use within my classroom. All classroom behaviors, guilds, and progress is recorded through this system. Click on the image to be taken to the Classcraft site.


Quizizz is an asynchronous review system that encourages repetition and has a bunch of fun live class features. Engagement is the main function of this tool. Click the image to be taken to the site.  

Google Classroom

I utilize classroom for assigning homework, projects, and to help facilitate classwork. Classroom is where I will always have up to date grade related information and questions. Click on the image for site.